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Vita – a sweet life is waiting!

Naturkind Vita, our chic stroller, combines great outdoor suitable driving characteristics with a love for special design. You'll love to be seen with it no matter where you go – whether you're taking a stroll downtown, heading to the market or driving on uneven roads in the countryside.

Our snug and cozy Vita stroller makes every outing with your little one even more pleasant.
Long live the sweet life!


A stroller for all ages

Stroller with hard carrycot from birth

Stroller with soft carrycot from birth

The best start for a good life…

... begins when we are infants! During this time, the foundations for a healthy adult life are laid. Aside from high-quality and age-appropriate nutrition and loving affection, babies need low-pollution surroundings and especially an ergonomic insert in their strollers – just like in their little beds. As babies spend most of their time lying, the soft baby bones and delicate spine should not be unnecessarily strained. We developed our cozy Naturkind soft carrycots to ensure the best environment for your little one to fall into a deep sleep. Your baby will feel wonderfully protected outside your arms!

This reflects our understanding that is confirmed by thousands of satisfied Naturkind families.

Find the Naturkind stroller that’s right for you in just a few clicks!

On the left, choose a frame color and your desired type. On the right, you can discover your favorite design…


frame colour

  • black


  • hard carrycot vita
  • sitting unit vita


  • Blaufink
  • Eichhörnchen
  • Haselmaus
  • Kolibri
  • Kornblume
  • Nachtfalter
  • Panther
  • Salbei
  • Siebenschläfer
  • Silberfuchs
  • Walnuss
  • Waschbär
  • Koala

frame colour



Technical details

    • Height-adjustable handlebar

    • Integrated mosquito protection

    • Soft suspension system for each wheel

    • Secure rear wheel brake system with foot pedal

View Naturkind in 360°

 Simply use the mouse to move the stroller in the desired direction!

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