• Terra tire equipment

      Terra is equipped with 12 inch pneumatic wheels for optimum damping


    • Terra with Sport Seat Attachment

      Naturkind stroller Terra forms the basis together with its sport car attachment.
      RRP € 699,00

    • Application Baby Soft Carrycot

      The Terra soft carrycot can be chosen variably with the sport stroller attachment. It is light, quickly ready for use & and can continue to be used as  a supplement to the seat.


      RRP € 199,00


Terra – Over Sticks and Stones... Hippedy Hop!

In any case, Terra is perfect for outdoors. Its well-conceived foundation offers a high level of comfort and security on any terrain you decide to explore with your children. Due to its excellent suspension system, the model is designed for terrain and woods, but it also offers driving pleasure in the city because of its spinning characteristics.

So no matter where you are – your little one is always comfortably tucked into nature. Long live closeness to nature!


Terra design variations

Terra Koala

Terra Spitzmaus

Terra Laubfrosch


If desired, use the swivelling steering arm to change the driving direction while using your stroller!


For Naturkind Terra Koala + soft carrycot – test details shown in the image above. A promise of safety that all our Naturkind strollers keep!

Over Sticks and Stones

The integriated swinging suspension and shock absorbers guarantee excellent driving characteristics during every outdoor adventure!

Stop & Go

Want to stop to blow your child's nose or look for the pacifier?
The Stop & Go pedal enables you to apply the brake quickly wherever you want to.

Richard is enjoying a walk at the ocean in Cape Town in his Naturkind-Kinderwagen!

Family with Naturkind from South Africa

A great compliment to you and your product, the stroller is absolute world class and we're enjoying every single drive! And so is our son, as the picture attached shows :)

Family with Naturkind from Salzburg

Here's a picture of my son in his favorite position in the stroller.

Family with Naturkind from Hagen



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