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Öko Kinderwagen aus Österreich - Naturkind

The Lux stroller – The future begins now!

The Lux stroller by Naturkind is the stroller of tomorrow, for it combines natural materials with the highest demands on design, style and functionality. The model features excellent driving characteristics with optimum suspension characteristics on all terrains. It is easy to operate, comfortable, long-lasting and, most importantly: it provides a safe environment without pollutants for your baby. Designs & Accessories.


    • Cork slide

      Height-adjustable with safety loop.

    • Brake system

      Safe and maintenance-free.

    • Spring-mounted front and rear wheels

      Optimum driving characteristics thanks to spring-mounted front and rear wheels to minimize vibrations.

    • Generous shopping basket

    • Practical handling

      With a total weight of only 14 kg, agile and easy to turn. Can be folded with just two simple movements.

    • Integrated mosquito net

      For optimum ventilation.

    • Long service life

      From newborns to little explorers. Approved for a body weight of up to 22 kg!

    • Variable

      Can be used with hard carrycot, soft carrycot or seating unit.

    • Secret pockets

      For money and personal belongings.

    • Highest product quality

      Thanks to high-quality material and careful processing.

    • Maximum Safety

      Easy and safe lock system for fixing the hard carrycot, meets the newest standards.

    • Seating unit

      Easy to turn and detachable.

    • Perfect ergonomics

      Thanks to an ergonomically formed cork seat shell and a long lying surface (93 cm) as well as a high backrest (52 cm).

    • Swivel front wheels

      For optimum maneuverability – lockable and stable on unpaved ground.

    • 5-point belt

      Adjustable for safe and comfortable support.

Find the Naturkind stroller that’s right for you in just a few clicks!

On the left, choose a frame color and your desired type. On the right, you can discover your favorite design…


frame colour

  • anthracite


  • hard carrycot lux
  • sitting unit lux


  • Schnee-Eule
  • Erdmännchen
  • Kornblume
  • Waschbär
  • Pinguin
  • Walnuss
  • Siebenschläfer
  • Salbei
  • Panther
  • Flughörnchen
  • Iris

frame colour



A stroller for all ages

Soft carrycot and hard carrycot

In the first few months of life, it is important that your baby gets all the sleep and rest it needs. Baby bones are soft and its spine is a sensitive area that should be protected. Therefore, it should go without saying that we need to ensure that they have the best surface to lie on, both in their beds and in their strollers. Your baby will have a deeper and calmer sleep if it feels comfortable and protected.

hard carrycot

The hard carrycot – robust and stable

  • Very spacious hard carrycot with a fixed frame for carrying
  • Easily fixable to the chassis
  • Removable and washable inside lining
  • Can be folded flat (space-saving)
  • Two secret pockets
  • Rocking function at the bottom
  • Coco-latex mattress for a good night’s sleep
  • Cork handle at the hood, roof can be adjusted several times.


The soft carrycot – light and flexible

  • Transforms the sports stroller into a regular stroller
    (for babies up to approx. 6 months)
  • Very light – only 1,9 kg
  • Can be used later on as a summer foot muff up to 2,5 years
  • Retrofittable with lambskin insert
  • With integrated belt slots
  • Entirely washable at 30 degrees


soft carrycot

View Naturkind in 360°

 Simply use the mouse to move the stroller in the desired direction!

The best start of a good life…

… begins when you’re a baby! In this time, the course is set for leading a healthy adult life. Babies need high-quality, appropriate nutrition and loving attention, but they also need a pollutant-free environment and especially an ergonomic surface in their strollers – just like in their little beds. As babies spend most of their time lying, their soft bones and delicate spines should not be unnecessarily strained. We developed our cuddly Naturkind soft carrycots so that your little one can have the best environment for a deep, restful sleep. Your baby will feel sheltered outside your arms!

Thousands of satisfied Naturkind families testify to our philosophy.


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