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Dr. Lena Iseringhausen – Specialist for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Especially today, we want the immediate environment of our children to be as natural as possible – and strollers are part of this environment: Naturkind stands out particularly because the company selects natural materials with a view to pollutants. There are several pollutants that are believed to have various effects, including respiratory diseases and hormonal efficacy, and could trigger allergies or even cancer. In the latest stroller test of Stiftung Warentest (03/2017), Naturkind Varius Pro was the only one of twelve models that was awarded the mark “very good” in the category “pollutants”. In addition, it also convinces with its child-friendly, classic design with suspension and the possibility of a level lying position of the sports stroller. Furthermore, as parents, we are thankful for its relatively small pack size and that it is easily foldable. Last but not least, model Lux proves that ecological and modern designs are not mutually exclusive.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dieter Koller – Doctor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

As a specialist for pediatrics and adolescent medicine, the following criteria were important to me in my decision for a stroller: It shouldn’t only be a stroller, but also a comfortable means of transport for both children and parents. Many strollers are made of materials whose pollutants have not been scientifically analyzed, but it appears particularly appropriate to reduce the exposure to pollutants during the first years of a child’s life. To me, the use of materials which reduce these circumstances to a minimum is important. Over the last 10 years, medical literature has reported extensively on the harmful materials which children frequently come into contact with and which could lead to unnecessary contamination. It seems important to me to avoid these materials as far as possible. As children prefer to sleep on a flat and level lying surface during the first few years of their life, prefabricated seat shells, for instance, that cannot enable this do not seem to be ergonomically suitable. As parents, we also wouldn’t feel well in a predefined lying position. Aside from the use of natural products and safe materials, (apparently pollutant-free), a level lying surface (ergonomically/orthopedically appropriate) and a good suspension, my decision was also influenced by the fact that this is an Austrian, innovative small business that corresponds with my principles of sustainability and quality.

Dr. med. Christoph Prenneis – Medical specialist for pediatrics

As a paediatrician, I recommend to pay special attention to quality and the absence of harmful substances when it comes to toys, strollers and everything your child touches. Your baby's bones are soft in its first year of life. That's why it's especially important to opt for an optimal and ergonomic lying quality when you choose a mattress, as this effects the development of the spine. Thermal eqilibrium and breathability are also important. Therefore, health aspects are the first things to consider when choosing a stroller – pollutant-free materials, an ergonomic mattress and top security.

Natalie Gaal – Midwife practice Herztöne Mainz

As a midwife, educator and a mother of three, I can recommend the Naturkind stroller with all my heart. I'm simply convinced by it in every respect. From the design to handling and the unbeatable driving comfort. What I find most important, however, is that the materials the babies are in contact with are derived from nature, that the children lie in a natural climate and do not have to inhale any toxic fumes. The stroller is designed so that babies have a flat lying surface and are facing their mothers, which protects them from overstimulation. I think that, in combination with a baby sling,
you're perfectly equipped for every outing with the Naturkind stroller.

Mrs. Rockenschaub – Hebammenstudio Engerwitzdorf

As a midwife, questions about proper baby equipment constantly come up time when I'm accompanying pregnant women. When it comes to choosing a stroller, I especially recommend paying attention to naturalness and the absence of harmful substances. I think it's important to be aware of and listen to your own needs instead of just following a trend.

Awards and Prizes

Every day, many hands are at work to ensure that our Naturkind strollers
accompany so many Naturkind families throughout the joyful baby and toddler stage.

We are very proud that we have received awards and prizes which testify to our sustainable path. 

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