Kinderwagen Modelle - Naturkind

Naturkind – created by hand

We believe that Austria is the perfect place to create ecological strollers like
our Naturkind strollers. Our closeness to nature is simply in our genes.
True craftsmanship guarantees a sustainable and respectful production chain.


All fabrics that are used at Naturkind are woven in Austria and have been certified with the GOTS label. The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a globally used label for organically produced natural fibers that guarantees high environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain.

Dye works

A regional value chain is very important to us. For this reason, our fabrics are dyed in Austria, in Vorarlberg’s rich nature. Our high demands on environmental standards ensure an ecological processing.

Organic virgin sheep’s wool

Austria has a sheep population of more than 400.000, with sheep of different breeds. Each animal contributes 2,5 to 4 kg of shear weight to the annual wool production. What could be more natural than for us to use virgin sheep’s wool from our native animals? This is why the wonderful wool we use at Naturkind is from the beautiful province of Styria.


Our Upper Austrian carpentry is responsible for the careful manufacturing of all wood elements for our Naturkind strollers. The tailor-made elements for all of our stroller models are delivered to our site in the Mühlviertel.


The cork elements we use for our Naturkind strollers are manufactured in Austria. Our cork has an unbeatable ecological assessment and is from Portugal, where the cork oak is domestic and abundant.

Frame components

All of the frame components that are used for our Naturkind strollers were manufactured in Austria, Germany and Poland, depending on the possibility of production. It is important to us that we use elements from as close as possible and in the best quality.


The fabrics that are manufactured for Naturkind are sewn by hand. Careful manual work ensures a consistently high quality which reflects our philosophy. All of our fabrics are sewn not far from us in Austria and in the neighboring Czech Republic.


As soon as all elements for our Naturkind strollers arrive at our site, the strollers are assembled and shipped. The entire finishing takes place here at our site in Upper Austria.

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