The birth of an idea

At the beginning, there was a vision: to create a pollutant-free stroller that only lets your baby come into contact with natural quality materials! More than 35 years of experience and our constant motivation – the happiness of proud parents and their children – have helped us until today. By creating the Naturkind stroller, we have developed the first stroller with an equipment that is made entirely of natural substances as well as lining materials. By choosing your design and color combination, you have the possibility to create a unique Naturkind stroller for your child.

Natural. Practical. Comfortable – What's best for your baby, what's best for you!

A love for nature that defines our team!

In order to be able to offer you the Naturkind stroller in our usual high quality with a beautiful, loving finish, many hands work together seamlessly every day – which requires real teamwork with a high level of conscienciousness and diligence! We'd like to introduce you to the people in our head office whose caring hands we're talking about:

Peter Doppler

The managing director & founder likes to include experience from his own everyday family life into the production of our Naturkind strollers. A vision from his heart!

Sigrid Umlauf

A gem who covers the competent, extensive processing of the office work and consultation in the showroom of our headquarters in Upper Austria.

Lisa Mayrhuber

Gems glitter most when they come in a team. The office work and consultation in the showroom of our headquarters in Upper Austria are quite fulfilling.

Leo Peterseil

A man for all seasons! Installation & service are in his trusting hands.

Renate Aufreiter

Quality control and shipping – with eyes like a hawk! She ensures that our Naturkind strollers can leave our premises.

Monika Rammer

Fabric processing with an eye for detail and a calm, steady hand.
Love meets Design im hochwertigen Naturkind Kinderwagen

Our mission statement

is a clear framework of what characterizes our company's values. All co-workers must be aware of this in their daily work, for every hand is only as good as the other one it clasps!

We convince through top quality!

For us, the quality of our products is all-embracing. Quality can emerge when every co-worker identifies with his tasks. Products on the highest level & with a long life are the result we are all proud of. We pay attention to the certification of our materials by recognized institutes.

Customer satisfaction is our best advertisement!

The baby and toddler for whom we want to create the best stroller for the first years of his/her life are at the center of our thoughts and actions. As an efficient, competent partner, we perceive our customers' wishes as our challenge. Our goals are satisfied customers with a lasting confidence in our products. Whatever we do, it has to satisfy our customers' demands.

Employees are the most important capital!

We act in a socially and responsible manner. Mutual trust is very imporant to us! Our working climate is characterized by personal appreciation, objective discussions, mutual assistance & goal-oriented teamwork. Flexible, dedicated & motivated employees are at the right place with us.

We're committed to our responsibility for the environment!

We exclusively use high quality & natural materials. In doing so, we pay attention to an economical use of resources. We primarily work with many suppliers from our region, in order to keep transport routes as short as possible.

Our suppliers are our close partners!

A long-term, advantageous cooperation for both sides – that's our motto. Fair play! The customer advantage – quality & use of our products – begins with our suppliers. That's why we expect them to deliver what we offer our customers: competence, quality, reliability & flexibility. A close cooperation with our suppliers demands a transparent, cooperative partnership.

We're proud of our company!

Openness & fair business shape our entrepreneurial thinking and action. The securing of the long-term existence of our company is our primary concern which is also achieved through the formation of reserves from the company's profit. We regard it as our societal & social commitment to actively provide support. This is why we support a hospital in Tansania, a state that is plagued by inconceivable suffering.
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