Naturally. For the best start in life.


Real Naturkind children feel at home everywhere – whether in the peaceful countryside or the hustle and bustle of the city!

Children bring great joy to our lives, but they also keep us on our toes and make us take on a special responsibility. They truly are the biggest adventure of our lives. One of our most important tasks is to create a healthy and loving environment for our little ones. A stroller is the first living space for every baby. It needs to be 100% pollutant-free, comfortable and sustainable. We connect this quality with a regional value chain.


Naturkind only uses pure materials!
Preserving our environment with humans,
animals and plants is not only a
fashionable issue. Sustainability, respect
and responsibility for our environment are
of our attitude toward life.

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We believe that Austria is the perfect
place to introduce ecological strollers
like ourNaturkind strollers. Our closeness
to nature is simply in our genes. True
craftsmanship guarantees a sustainable
and respectful production chain.

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Doctors and midwives gladly recommend
Naturkind because they know that
natural materials are the best choice
for our little ones. These materials include
the first clothes they wear and different
kinds of beds, particularly strollers.

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We trust in nature!

For us, it goes without saying that natural materials as well as all sustainably produced and safe materials are simply best for us.

For this reason, we only let these materials be part of our strollers. Our vision is to produce strollers that are completely pollutant-free. Therefore, environmentally friendly certificates that confirm our ecological work are especially important to us. This includes our IVN membership, our GOTS-certified cover fabrics and textile accessories as well as several tests and the Öko-Test certificates listed below.

Öko Kinderwagen Zertifikat - Naturkind
Öko Kinderwagen aus Österreich - Naturkind

The „birth“ of an original

A look behind the scenes shows our great attention to detail and the masterful precision with
which our Naturkind strollers see the light of day – both on paper and in reality!


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