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Our Naturkind stroller – Naturally from Austria.

Our Naturkind stroller – Naturally from Austria.

Real Naturkind children feel at home no matter where they are. Whether in the tranquility of the countryside or the busy city! They fill our lives with so much joy, but also with a lot of commotion and a very special responsibility. Children are probably the biggest adventures of our lives. It's one of our most important responsibilities to provide a healthy and loving environment for our children. A stroller is one of the first living spaces for nearly every baby, which is why it has to be safe, eco-friendly and comfortable. Absolute sustainability and a regional value-added chain as far as possible are our leading principles when it comes to the materials we use.

Naturally. Out of love for our Naturkind strollers!

Naturkinderwagen - Naturkind

Our trendy all-rounder

offers the necessary agility for touring the city jungle, in addition to great stability and ground contact for outdoor adventures.


as it is, it can be folded to a small size and therefore easily stored in any trunk.

Driving pleasure

included! The large wheels ensure excellent driving characteristics, especially on the road.


from birth! Would you rather use the practical, light soft carrycot or the stable, spacious hard carrycot to get around? The choice is yours!

Spacious miracle

Despite its compact frame size! With a lying surface of nearly 90 cm, bigger children will be just as comfortable.

Long live freedom!

Whether on daily outings or big trips, your little one is always nimble, fast and flexible.

The outdoor ally

offers great comfort and security on every terrain you decide to explore, due to its excellent groundedness!


as it is, you can change your driving direction with the pivoted steering arm while on the go.

Make it small

and pack it away! It can be folded easily and quickly and fits comfortably in (nearly) every trunk.

Over sticks and stones

The integrated swinging suspension and shock absorbers guarantee excellent driving conditions for every outdoor Adventure!

Stop & Go

Want to stop to blow your child's nose or look for a pacifier? The Stop & Go pedal enables you to apply the brake quickly wherever you want to

Long live nature!

No matter where you are, your little one is always comfortably tucked into nature.

Our chic stroller

combines great outdoor suitable driving characteristics with a love for special design. You'll love to be seen with it no matter where you go!

As the spatial dream

that it is, it offers generous room for your lovely child.

A breath of nostalgia

lies in the air! Now, you can walk though narrow city streets as if they were open fields in an elegant manner with exquisitely beautiful designs.

Well cushioned

means an even better bed! The 4-fold suspension guarantees a cozy ride on any type of Terrain.

Showing size

with an extremely comfortable lying height of up to 66 cm! This way, your little darling is always within reach without your having to bend over too far.

Long live the sweet life!

Our snug and cozy Vita stroller makes every outing with your little one even more pleasant.




Naturkinderwagen - Naturkind

Designs & Accessories for your stroller

The ideal stroller… made of the best materials that nature has to offer, practical, cosy, safe and, of course, available in many chic designs with special stroller accessories that make Mommy's heart beat faster!

Because we trust in nature!

The confirmation of our ecological work by eco-friendly certificates is very important to us. This includes our IVN membership, the GOTS certification of our cover fabrics and textile accessories, several tests and the Öko-Test certificates (see below)!

Based on this nature-oriented philosophy, we send all our Naturkind strollers out on a special adventure with a clear conscience - to make everyday family life and your baby's life more comfortable and convenient.

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